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Styling Women

If you want to see how American women have moved center stage this year, check out today’s Washington Post Style section (March 2, 2018). With the exception of a National Symphony Orchestra Mahler concert review by Anne Midgette, all the articles deal with women and their accomplishments. Three cover film: Ann Hornaday’s interview of Jennifer Lawrence, the world’s highest paid actress; Elahe Izadi’s piece on Rachel Morrison, first ever Oscar nominated woman cinematographer (Mudbound) who also did Black Panther; the Reliable Source item on Catherine Hand, producer of A Wrinkle in Time. There’s Karen Heller’s rave review of Lisa Halliday’s debut novel, Asymmetry. An essay by Monica Hesse on Hope Hicks about to leave Trump’s White House, and another Reliable Source item on Omarosa Manigault, who already did. Have I mentioned the gender of both Source writers—Helena Andrews-Dyer and Emily Heil? Finally, Carolyn Hax’s advice column. Interestingly, for a newspaper whose women photographers consistently win the most prestigious awards, almost all today’s photographs are by men.


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